how to verify a bank account on google adsense that is correct

how to verify a bank account on google adsense that is correct -
how to verify a bank account on google adsense that is correct – how to verify a bank account on google adsense that is true for all of you bloggers and beginner YouTubers who are still confused and waiting for payment from Google Adsense, read first before verification so it is not blocked.

At the beginning of each month Google will transfer some money to our Google AdSense account, it is the result of advertisements or ad impressions from YouTube or our blog.

the minimum limit on the adsense account is $ 10 or if it is valued at 100 thousand lah, the amount on our google adsense account 10 dollars then there is a notification in the email or on google to verify some data including

1. Verify the data yourself.

Google adsense will ask for verification of our data, namely SIM, KTP, PASSPORT, in the form of image files or jpg. therefore prepare your personal data or identity card, it is better to use your ID card just to afdol. then follow the verification sign then upload your ID card image ok bro.

2. Verify your account.

In addition to Google’s KTP, you will ask for your ATM account for the payment method by clicking the payment method then fill in the data for the account, etc. Then after completion, Google Adsense will transfer the trial payment, usually with a nominal of less than 1K, one thousand rupiah to a registered account.

be careful here you first check if there is money in your account, then check the mutation in your account, if google adsense has transferred some money before, then click the verification menu in google adsennse and enter the amount of money transferred earlier.

if all have been verified, wait for the next step to withdraw money from your adsense balance, currently the payment threshold is if the balance reaches Rp. 1,300,000 (one million three hundred thousand rupiah). then your money can be disbursed or you can make snacks.

so much info on how to verify a bank account on google adsense, because many people ask when verification ?, when is the time to pay, how much is the amount paid? what date it was sent and so on, hopefully it’s useful.

Remember, don’t click Verify first before you make sure you get a trial transfer from AdSense to your account in the amount of less than 1K, and use that number to verify your account on Google Adsense.